Pixelated Milk have put together a Kickstarter project for a promising new roleplaying game with a very reachable PlayStation Vita stretch goal.

Described as “a Disgaea meets Persona formula with a western twist on the classic strategy JRPG genre” on their Kickstarter page, Regalia – Of Men and Monarchs is a turn-based RPG with hand-drawn 2D backgrounds and a soundtrack produced by the talented team over at Game Audio Factory.

“But how does it play?” you’re probably asking – and the answer is something like this;

As for the story, the Kickstarter introduces it as follows;

“Do you like epic stories about saving the world? Stopping destructive meteors heading for the planet? Fighting against madmen, clowns and madmen clowns? Travelling back through time? Obviously evil party members who turn on you as the plot comes to a bombastic conclusion? Amnesiac, grumpy protagonists winning against impossible odds?

Do you? Well, that’s a shame. Because you will find none of these in Regalia.

Instead, you will get a compact and light-hearted slice-of-life story of a young man who was (un)fortunate enough to become a ruler. As he arrives to live out a personal fairy tale, it quickly becomes apparent that there won’t be a Happily Ever After – his domain lies in ruins, his forebears have left behind a massive debt, and nobody’s left behind to even acknowledge his claim.”

So you’re interested, but you’re wondering what can you do to get it onto Vita – right?

Well, they’re looking for $60,000 to bring the game to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 – so any backing you can give to push the current ~$48,000 tally would surely help, as well as spreading the word to anyone who might be interested.

Here’s the details on that stretch goal we’re trying to hit;

60k-Vita-RegaliaRegalia – Of Men and Monarchs still has fifteen days to go before its Kickstarter campaign is up, so get backing and/or spreading the word and we’ll be adding this to the “coming soon” list before long. 😉

  • Devin Hudson

    Looks cool, but I need to take a break from Kickstarter after backing Bloodstained. I’ve backed five different games over the last few years, so I’m willing to help out, but unfortunately my wallet just can’t at the moment (it doesn’t help that I haven’t actually received any of those games yet, two of which having already passed their estimated delivery date).

    Though even if I had the funds, I’m still not sure if I’d back this one. I never back games that have the system I want (which is usually always Vita) as a stretch goal unless that goal has already been reached, so as close as it may be I’d still wait. I also think the lowest tier to get the game is a bit too high, probably because we have to get the PC version just to get the Vita version as well (which is something I’ve never seen before).