E3 week is usually a bit of a downer for Vita fans, so it’s nice to come across a positive success story for once when it comes to the system. According to this thread on NeoGAF, it is reported that the Vita has actually sold quite well in Spain, with around 600,000 systems sold. To put this into perspective with other systems, the PS4 has sold 700,000 and that is outselling the XBOX One by 9 to 1, according to the CEO of PlayStation Spain. Rather impressive performance at those numbers, compared to those systems.

In an interview published on the website of Spanish Newspaper Elpais, James Armstrong talked a little about the Vita’s performance in Spain. The CEO of PlayStation Spain spoke with pride about some of the titles that have performed well, like the Invizimals series and name checked Looney Tunes Galactic Sports – which was developed by Virtual Toys in Spain. He also mentioned that there are two Disney titles coming to the Vita, both of which are unconfirmed at this time.

James Armstrong

When questioned about the lack of Vita at E3, Armstrong noted that the system provides PlayStation Spain with an “interesting income” and that they will continue to invest in the handheld. He states that the Vita shifts around 150,000 consoles per year with the total amount at 600,000. Armstrong also speaks honestly about mistakes made with the system and missing games for the wider audience, and that not enough has been done with pricing or promotion. All of these are valid points.

What is your reaction to the news? It’s quite refreshing to see a prominent figure showing that they are on a similar wavelength with the fans, and it’s fantastic to see that at least in one region the Vita performs well.

  • Miguel S

    The Spanish National Emblem is too old, this was the flag used between 1785-1873 and 1875-1931 (if anyone is interested in flags History like Sheldon Cooper in Fun with Flags xD).

    Anyway, this support petition is interesting.

    • Nonscpo

      Support Petition?

      • Yuuki

        Looked like spam to me.
        Edit since when is Mark as spam = delete oO

  • Nonscpo

    “¿Cuándo se va a abrir PlayStation 4 a todos, a ir más allá del gamer?”…what s stupid question to ask from the press, gaming is already an inclusive hobby, If you don’t see it that way then you need to pick up a controller!

  • Alex Jones


  • Martin

    Hate to be negative, but the ps vita came out earlier than the ps4. Therefore, the overall sales are not very impressive compared to ps4. Though still, it’s nice to see that Spain likes the vita. And the fact that Xbox One lost to Vita by an overwhelming amount in a country other than Japan is amusing.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    I don’t understand why sony aren’t pushing the vita. Or are they regrouping for vita2? As long as it’s backwards compatible with vita games I’ll be there at launch

    • B91212

      Unfortunately I can’t see a Vita 2 although I truly hope your right and I’m wrong. In fact it would be the only midnight launch I would ever go to.

      • Reza Gerami

        Right on.

    • Nonscpo

      Let’s hope foir that Vita 2 or PSP 2 XD

    • nmlss

      “(…)with vita gameS(…)”
      But yeah, don’t worry. Vita 2 will be compatible with Vita’s game, for sure.

  • B91212

    Nice to see someone from Sony actually admit to making mistakes with the Vita. I always feel that in years to come Sony will look back at the Vita and think we missed a great opportunity, it could have been so much bigger if we had done things a bit differently.

  • Fr33Kingdom

    Thats really nice to hear. I’d imagine the playstation vita doing well anywhere the playstation brand actually still has some casual appeal left, which rules out america(and severely damages japan), and where ceo’s recognize who handhelds are for and how to sell themc which again rules out america.