New details on Rion and the other members of the idol group SPiKA have been revealed by 4Gamer and Siliconera.

First up we get a detailed look at Rion Kugayama – a seventeen year old member of the idol quintet SPiKA. With devilish looks and behavior, she’s often found arguing with her close friend and rival about who should take the centre of SPiKA – but don’t let her fool you, underneath all the attitude is a hard worker.


Rion is only known to show her true self when she’s alone, and user her abrasive attitude as a shield to hide behind – the accompanying sword stand-in being her voice.

Moving on to her attack skills, we have the following;

Basic Attack


Rion executes a basic attack by turning her body to create a shockwave. It doesn’t have much range, but after hitting a few times it finishes with a lightning attack.

Shooting Skill: Brilliant Ray


Rion shoots lasers from the tips of hear wings; in addition to being able to land multiple hits with this attack, you can target an enemy and shoot homing lasers too.

Aerial Skill: Sonic Wing


Spreading her wings, Reion creates a shock wave from behind – launching her forward at high speed. It doesn’t use much of the Skill Gauge however, and it’s Rions most honed maneuver.

Heavy Skill: Sylphy Cyclone


Rion creates a giant tornado by flapping her wings, with enemies in range getting sucked into the tornado. Using it at close range makes it possible to deal massive damage, however it’s notable that Rion is left open to getting hit before launching the attack.

X-Strike: Seraphim Hearts

Rion’s Soul Device expands massively, allowing her to freely move around the enemies at high speed while still attacking. Afterward, she makes it rain down countless homing missiles from the tip of her wings – capping off what is considered to be her ultimate attack with a bang.

As for the other members of SPiKA, the following has been revealed;


  • Member number two is Haruna Tendou – a seventeen year old with neatly manicured raven-black hair. Her acting ability is top notch, and there are rumours swirling about her being the star of an upcoming commercial for a popular brand.
  • Third in the image is Reiki Kisaragi – a seventeen year old blonde model who enjoy card games in her off-time. Tough on herself and others, she’s a complete perfectionist with a strong personality and seems to be a force to be reckoned with.
  • The penultimate member of SPiKA is Wakaba Yzuki – a fifteen year old brunette with twin-tails. Admirable and considerate, whatever she’s doing she gives it her all.
  • The last member of the quintet is Sayaka Nanase – a fifteen year old tomboy with short blue hair. Though she’s a bit of a quiet one, she’s known for her on point quips. That said, her dancing is more than expressive enough to make up for it any shyness perceived – as she’s considered to be the best in the group.

More on the girls of SPiKA (and Tokyo Xanadu in general) is likely to appear as we edge ever closer to the game’s September 30th Japanese release date – so stay tuned to The Vita Lounge and we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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