More details have emerged from both Square Enix and project members regarding the newly announced World of Final Fantasy.

Starting off, we take a look at the very informative Square Enix Press Release;

“World of Final Fantasy combines classic RPG gameplay mechanics with fresh and imaginative toy-like visuals. As a brand-new title in the FINAL FANTASY franchise, this game can be enjoyed by both fans and newcomers to the series. Players will lead a pair of twins through varied FINAL FANTASY worlds and encounter the adorably familiar monsters therein. Capture and raise such familiar beasts as cactuar, chocobo, and behemoth to discover alternate forms and learn new abilities.

One of the key features of the game is a “stacking” ability—the siblings can adjust their size, turning small enough to jump onto the monsters during combat, or vice versa, shrink the monsters small enough to ride on the twins. By customizing and stacking their army of monsters, players can create strategic tower combinations and take on the most challenging opponents.”

That’s not all we’ve learned however, as thanks to a question and answer bit from GamesBeat with producer Hiroki Chiba we’ve also learned that the game uses the Final Fantasy staple Active Time Battle system (with a few tweaks of course), is set in a world that represents a lot of the Final Fantasy game elements (especially pre-FFX), and features a party system comprised of only six active “figures” at a time (seemingly two people and four monsters).

Director Hiroki Chiba (who was an event planner on Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X) also spoke up, giving his three goals for the game;

  • To provide a game that both children and adults can enjoy
  • To provide a “new visual experience”
  • To provide a “new game system”

Not convinced?

Check out our initial coverage for a trailer, or check out the (obviously PS4) screens below;

How all of this ties together, I’m sure we’ll begin to see as soon as more media is released – but as for the game itself, World of Final Fantasy will be available sometime in 2016.

  • Ichigo Yoite

    I don’t know what to make of this one honestly. On one hand I’m happy that we get another Final Fantasy on the Vita but on the other hand I don’t know if everyone will like these chibi characters…(I don’t even know if I like them tbh)

    • Dinoegg96

      I read that you can change the main characters size at any moment.

  • 🙂 Im ready! It’s a breath of fresh air on a well known and some what over used franchise 🙂 Thank you Square for bringing this to my Vita 🙂

  • EndRant

    This looks awesome, I really hope it runs well on the vita.

  • Tom van Aken

    I am psyched this is coming to the Vita, and a game like this SHOULD be played on a handheld!

    I too am sceptical about the chibi characters (although changing them at any moment seems like a nice way to do it, wonder whether that option will be available for both Vita and PS4 though), but I must say that they did it well. At times you get chibi characters and it gives me the feeling that they didn’t feel like making proper 3D models, and other times it gives me the feeling that they really went for a cutesy aesthetic. I fawned over their adorableness to my girlfriend who returned my reaction with an awkward look… That HAS to be a good sign!

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    I’ll be getting this day 1

  • Wendel Lucas

    I want it so bad