Gust has added a new trailer to their YouTube channel, showing off the game’s Servans and systems in a quick ~60 second montage.

Just two weeks ago we brought you the debut trailer for Yoru no Nai Kuni, but now we’re back with a follow up – this new trailer a bit more informative than the last as it focuses on the Servans (demon subordinates) but also shows off some in-game systems.

Check it out;

Yoru no Nai Kuni is due out in Japan on August 27th, with no news yet on a Western localization.

  • Kaetokiha

    Let’s just pray for an english version.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    Looks awesome!

    • Nonscpo


  • Gadgetgirlkylie

    I am really hoping for an English release, I want to play it so bad. Tempted to import even…. >-< must resist.

    • Cousin Jeffrey

      Are you the same person who made those Tear away videos on youtube? They came in really handy with finding all the present locations!

      • Gadgetgirlkylie

        Yeah that was me ^-^ great news that they helped you 🙂

        • Cousin Jeffrey

          I actually got the platinum, I used all your videos, thank you!

  • EndRant

    This looks so good. Can’t wait for someone like monkeypaw, nisa, xseed, atlus etc . To step up and localize it.

    • novurdim

      This game is developed by GUST (Ar Nosurge, Atelier series etc.) and those guys are owned by Koei Tecmo. So I’m pretty sure that KT will localize it, they have literally zero reasons not to.