Thanks to an interview done by Tyler Treese of Gosu Tech, we now have some information on twin-stick shooter Tachyon Project.

One big way that Tachyon Project stands out from other twin-stick shooters is the game’s story. Yes, this twin-stick shooter will have a plot. Here is what Eduardo Jimenez of Eclipse Games had to say about it;

To be honest, the story wasn’t planned initially. At some point during development (November 2014) the opportunity to work with David Daza (a local comic artist that has worked with big firms like Marvel, Star Wars or Transformers) came up. We talked about what could be done with the game. I told him about this idea that I had that the game was happening in a ‘virtual world’ and that everything were just programs, not real objects (like Tron or Matrix). So we started talking about what could be done.

Apparently, Eclipse Games took inspiration from another shmup game called Raptor: Call of Shadows, which is one of Jimenez’s favorite games of all time.

I thought we could use some of the ideas from the weapons and (to a lesser degree the enemies too) from that genre and, particularly, from that game. Missiles, bombs and the laser are heavily inspired by similar weapons in that game.

Another way that Tachyon Project is different from other shmups is the inclusion of a stealth which makes up for about 30% of the game.

We weren’t confident enough for that to be our only game mode, but we’ve used it in a 30% of the game (more or less) and now I even think we could’ve exploited it a bit more.

Tachyon Project has two modes, Story Mode and Challenges. You will be able to play multiplayer in Challenges.

They can all be played by up to 4 players. These game modes are cooperative and you all share the same time (health) and weapons.

Your health in this game is based on the amount of time you have until death. Touch an enemy? You’ll lose time, but if you kill one, then you’ll gain some.

We believe this system helps keep the player constantly on the verge: you can’t stay there doing nothing (you constantly lose health) and killing enemies increases your health, so you’re encouraged to shoot to kill, which in stealth levels means you’re uncovered, which adds an obvious element of risk.

The PlayStation Vita version of Tachyon Project will be released in 2016. Eclipse Games hopes to have it out by the first quarter, but no promises can be made.

  • pimlicosound

    I just watched a gameplay trailer for this and I’m not impressed with the comparison with Raptor: Call of the Shadows. Raptor is also one of my favorite shoot-em-ups, next to Tyrian.

    Tachyon Project seems to have none of the defining features of Raptor, such as vertical scrolling, separate air/ground targeting, the tough military art style, earning money to unlock new weapons, and – crucially – upgrading your craft with multiple overlapping weapons to become increasingly powerful.

    I can’t tell what, if anything, resembles Raptor in Tachyon Project. It seems like they just name-dropped it because fans of shoot-em-ups will respond to it like dogs to a whistle.

  • Nonscpo

    That interview seemed a bit short, guess there wasn’t much time for the developer to participate.