Another stability update has been issued for the PlayStation Vita, bringing the current firmware revision to version 3.52.

The newest iteration of the PlayStation Vita’s firmware is designated version 3.52 and offers no change log on install – just like our last update. That said (and as we’ve talked about with past updates) an update to the third number in the sequence indicates a minor update, and this doesn’t seem to be anything different… offering no new features or changes at a first glance.

Either way, any update means the possibility for improved function of software so get to updating! 🙂

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  • Logan Graham

    I think it fixes the content manager issues from the last update.

  • usinsider
  • Franggio Hogland

    Every time I get a PSV update I check to see if any PS/P/1 games are playable that weren’t before.
    Every time I get a PS4 update I check if PS1/2 games work.

    Yeah I need help 🙁

    • Neil Kapit

      No, Sony needs help for not fixing this glaring problem.

  • Valkyrine

    I’d be more interested if they released a new UI screen to look like the PS4. This way they would look similar… still hating the bubbles…

  • Chance

    so much stability and i thought my vita was wobbly before