You will see things that shouldn’t be seen…

On Tuesday Nippon Ichi Software released an eerily creepy teaser to promote their next project. Seemingly taking inspiration from Slender, the teaser has a first-person perspective as an unknown protagonist searches the wilderness for something or someone. Check it out for yourself, and try not to be completely creeped out by the ending.

We now have further details thanks to the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation. The game will be titled Yomawari, and features a female protagonist who is searching for her older sister and pet dog. She only has a flashlight at her disposal, and must search a creepy town at night to find out what has happened to her relative and pet. It has been promised that players will see things that “shouldn’t be seen…”

Yomawari has been given a release date of October 29th in Japan, unsurprisingly a few days before Halloween. We await details of a western release.

What are your thoughts on Yomawari? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

  • EndRant

    I’d say it looks more like fatal frame. I guess we’ll have to wait to look at actual gameplay.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    The Japanese speech at the end says ‘little sister, let’s go home’

    • Chizu

      It’s Big sister. “Onee-chan”.
      Otherwise correct though.

      • Cousin Jeffrey

        That’s right, いもうと is little sister! And chizu is map 地図