Lootin’ and Shootin’ is the aim in upcoming title from Curve Digital and Size Five Games.

Back in February we brought you the news that “Cyber Crime CaperThe Swindle would be heading to PS Vita. Four months since the original announcement, we finally have details for when the game will be hitting everyones favourite handheld gaming device. The Swindle will arrive on Sony platforms first, with the game releasing simultaneously on PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 on July 28th in Europe and North America.

Set in a steampunk world, levels are procedurally generated as you look to rob as much loot as possible whilst side-stepping a whole host of formidable foes. Developer Dan Marshall gave further details on his latest project:

“The Swindle is the kind of game that I always wanted to play; one minute you’re sneaking past robot security guards to grab a load of loot and the next you’re being chased by police choppers and drones, desperately trying to avoid capture and an awkward-and-embarrassing death. Procedurally generated adventures are all the rage these days – but there’s nothing with stakes quite as high as The Swindle.”

There are currently no details on cross-buy for The Swindle, which will also be heading to Xbox One and Wii U. To get a better idea of the gameplay and the beautiful art style, check out the original announcement trailer below.

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