Those of you with a penchant for football management may have been disappointed when SEGA and Sports Interactive didn’t follow up the 2014 release of Football Manager Classic 2014 with a new and updated version. I know I was disappointed, but it seems that there could be hope.

The Spanish arm of the retailer GAME have posted a listing for Football Manager 15 on there website, and we grabbed a screenshot just in case they pull it.


My Spanish is awful, so thanks to Google Translate, the page roughly translates to:
With Football Manager, the simulator more realistic, detailed and immersive football management, clubs can control more than 50 countries worldwide, including all major European leagues. Football Manager 2015 allows you to get in the skin of a football coach. In this game, you can decide who plays and who stays on the bench, set the tactics harangue you guys, make substitutions and instruct the ball while still a game in 3D.

I quite enjoyed the first title and certainly wouldn’t be averse to seeing a newer edition, and given that we won’t be seeing a new FIFA, Vita owners are due some great news. We have reached out to Sports Interactive

  • Hazey

    As much as I want it to happen, I can’t see it. Digital release maybe? Re skin the old one and data update would suffice

  • Stefarno

    I think this is highly unlikely, Sports Interactive have made clear previously that they won’t be doing another Vita title.

    I’d like to be wrong though!

  • Muts

    I don’t think so. Miles Jacobson answered my twitter with a “no” back in April 8th:

    • Hazey

      Yeah comes across a bit arrogant, said to me lack of sales. That’s what happens when you release it 5/6 months after the pc version. If they paired the release date with the pc version it would of surely sold more

  • Sebastian

    Please create Fifa 16 or PES 16 for the Vita!