We recently brought news that Vita was selling well in Spain, but we also have word that there is another country where the Vita is selling well, and has also hit a milestone.

According to Media Create, the company who manages the Japanese game sales chart, the Vita has recently hit 4 million sales between the Vita console and PlayStation TV.

Individual sales show that since November 2013, the PlayStation TV accounts for 166,165 of the sales figure, with the Vita itself accounting for 3.8 Million.

With a new significant title launching in Japan almost every week, it’s clear that these figures will continue to grow, now if only more western countries would get on board. 😉

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  • Lester Paredes

    If only we could get a new game every week. I’d be happy if they were even PSOne classics!

    • novurdim

      Actually we do get at least one indie-game almost every week, haha.

  • Stefarno

    Last time I checked, the Vita has sold more in Japan than the PS4, Wii U and Xbox One have combined.

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    That’s great news. If they can keep localising their jrpg’s I’ll be happy. Now unreal engine is being ported the Japanese could help revive the Vita. I can dream!

  • Hazey

    Great news, just hope it picks up in the west 🙂 it’s not too late for the vita

  • If only these great news got more attention from the mainstream media–rather than always hearing about how the Vita is so “dead.”