As PS Plus celebrates its fifth anniversary, Fred Dutton at the EU PlayStation Blog has announced that there are some new changes coming for European members. As of this July, the free games for the month will now be released on the first Tuesday of each month instead of Wednesday. This means that Europe and North America will now get their free games on the same day.

In the comments section on the PlayStation Blog, Dutton stated, “Hey folks. As of this month, Plus games go live in both EU and US on the first tuesday of the month (no longer Wednesday in EU). The first Tuesday in July is 7th July, hence why the games aren’t launching this week.”

Now gamers in Europe will not have to wait a day after their brethren in North America to get their games.

UPDATE: The original version of this story stated that EU members received their games on the first Wednesday of the month, which was incorrect. That portion has been removed.


SOURCEPlayStation Blog, EU
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  • My brother will be ecstatic! He’s always cursing me for getting games a day sooner than him 😛

  • Lester Paredes

    Yay! now NA and EU can bitch about the games we’re getting together! As a community! lol