Zeke Virant has been hard at work bringing his twin-stick, mind-bending game Soft Body to the PS Vita. The game is part Hohokum/Everyday Shooter/Snafu with a bit of Brothers: Tale of Two Sons thrown in for good measure. Recently Zeke announced some more details about how the game’s two single player modes will be handled.

In Soft Body, you use the left and right thumbsticks to control two different characters: Soft and Ghost. While this may be a challenge for most people to wrap their heads around, the game will offer up to levels of difficulty to ease players into things.

The first, and easiest, mode will be Soft Mode. Here Soft and Ghost will always be together as one and the player will use the left stick to move them around the screen. When the player moves the right stick, Ghost will detach and be controlled separately to make it through the level. Once the right stick is back in its resting position, Ghost will once again join back with Soft.

In Hard Mode the difficulty will ramp up significantly as Soft and Ghost will always be controlled individually, and the death of one means game over. Players will need to learn to control both snakes, moving in different directions, without making a mistake. It will take time, practice, and patience to master the skill.

Soft Body was originally scheduled to be released this Summer but has now been pushed back to “later this year” and will be cross-buy with the PS4 version.

  • Buckybuckster

    From what I gathered from the trailer, the gameplay can get very bullethellish at times. While I enjoy the genre, the idea of having to control 2 characters through that kind of chaos is kinda imposing.

  • Reza Gerami

    The game looks okay but I would much rather have a sound shapes 2 or just an expansionpack for Sound Shapes with new levels and “professional” music. That game was frickin awesome and one of my top 3 Vita experiences after Luminees and Hotline Miami.