The Hand of Fate Facebook page was updated with a rather depressing message this morning; there will be no Hand of Fate for Vita consoles.

Originally announced for release on PlayStation Vita back in March of 2014, Hand of Fate has already released on many platforms earlier this year – however many people were starting to notice that the Vita version was still nowhere to be found.

Now we know why.

Here’s the Facebook post in full, explaining the cancellation;

A quick note on the Vita build of Hand of Fate. After quite a lot of work, and a lot of time, we’ve decided to cancel HoF for Vita.

We pursued a few options, but ultimately the amount of work required was larger than we anticipated, and our assets needed a lot of work to be viable within the smaller footprint.

This has taken much longer to decide than we would have liked, because until recently we’ve been focused on the ongoing support for Hand of Fate for PC/Mac/Linux/PS4/XboxOne.

As a tiny indie team, we have to choose where we apply our resources – and in this case, we’ve decided they’re best used to continue supporting HoF on other platforms, and in building new projects. We spoke at length with a studio that specialises in porting games to Vita, but in the end it was the wrong match for them as well.

We understand that’s disappointing to our Vita fans – it’s disappointing to us, as well. Apologies for the length of time and effort it’s taken to reach this point.

Personally, I think Hand of Fate was quite an interesting concept (a card game fused with actual RPG action sequences) and am a bit put off by the news… but at the same time there’s just so much good happening for Vita lately I can’t be too mad.

But what do you think Loungers – is this an opportunity lost, or do you simply not care anymore?

Sound off on this cancellation in the comments below.

  • Devin Hudson

    As disappointing as this is, I’m glad they at least told us about it. There are still other games out there that were supposed to get Vita ports that we haven’t heard about in years (looking at you, Cloudberry Kingdom). It’s better to admit upfront that they can’t do it rather than keep fans waiting, though it sucks for anyone who already bought the PS4 version in anticipation of getting the Vita version via cross-buy whenever it comes out.

    The game did look interesting, and the Vita could always use more card games. But oh well, maybe I’ll pick it up for PS4 one day.

  • Buckybuckster

    I feel bad for the folks who were looking forward to this. For me personally, this game falls squarely into the catagory of games I totally had forgotten about until someone like Kyle reminds me of them.

    With all of the indie stuff that gets announced, if the developers aren’t as keen on providing timely updates as they are with making the initial announcement, I tend to forget it was announced in the first place. Remember Snapshot anyone?

  • Nonscpo

    Sadly I don’t care! I feel that too much time has passed since the initial announcement, and by this point most people who even knew the game was coming, have probably moved on by now. Wish them best of luck and hope that other games arrive to pick up the slack.

  • Johhny Ridden

    The replies for the tweet announcing the cancellation do seem to leave open the possibility of a Vita version if the find someone else that can pull it off:

    “If there was someone who wanted to do it/licence it, we’d definitely work w/ them. Open for suggestions.”

  • Ali Johnson

    Ahhhhh to be honest any dev that trys to make a game for vita and ps4 ends by canceling the vitas version because they want to put more effort and resources on the ps4 port and soo because they know the vita wont get them much money unlike the ps4 which is really depressing example nonom galaxy and THEY expect us the fans to understand f#%@ NO

  • novurdim

    Well, fock them too, I’d say. I’ll go and refund the game on steam.

  • Ichigo Yoite

    I simply don’t care.

  • Lester Paredes

    Aww. I was actually looking forward to this game ever since Jim Sterling did a squirty play of the pc version. Well, at least they eventually told us, even though it is very disappointing. I sure hope New and Tasty doesn’t go this route…

  • ArkDragoon

    I was putting off buying the other versions of the game for this. Very disappointing.

  • This would have been a great fit for my Vita library, so I am a little sad, but it was still nice of them to tell us.