A new electronic dance music rhythm game, Wubmarine, has been announced for a possible PS Vita release via its Kickstarter page.

Wubmarine is about an intergalactic record producer who is in charge of delivering the newest music tracks to various DJs on Earth. On the way to Earth, the producer’s spaceship is struck by asteroids and suddenly the music tracks are scattered all over the solar system. It is now up to the producer to find each song and retrieve it for the DJs.

According to Semag Studio, each song serves as an individual level and will be different for each missing track. In order to retrieve the missing tracks, you must collect individual notes that are scattered through each level.

Semag Studio has announced that if the initial $5000 USD Kickstarter PC goal is met, they will be able to purchase a PS Vita dev kit to release it for our beloved handheld. The Kickstarter ends on July 28th and only $930 has been pledged. Will you be backing this interesting game for an eventual release on the Vita?

For more information on Wubmarine’s Kickstarter please click here.

  • Alaka’i Lester

    I just pledged $12. ^^

  • Hey guys!
    Devs here. Thanks for checking out our game! Feel free to ask us any questions!