It’s always upsetting to learn about a cancelled project for the PSVita, but yet another project that we didn’t know about has been discussed, this time that project would have been a port of PlayStation 3 JRPG Nier.

In an interview with Taro Yoko (he’s the man with the silly mask from Square-Enix’s E3 Press Conference), that in 2011 a possible port of the game would have come to the PSVita, he said “We always tought about ‘wanting to do something new’  “We immediately thought about how there’s still a lot of players who haven’t played NieR, so we considered making a Playstation Vita port, while adding something new.”

I had a conversation with ILCA president [Takuya] Iwasaki  on ‘how I’d like to keep working on NieR with Saito,” and I found out Iwasaki felt the same way. Alongside his company, Orca, we proposed a PS Vita version of NieR.”

The reason that the port never happened was that the team at the time were busy working on another project and thus the idea remained just an idea,  but there is always hope that it might resurface, right?

Let us know in the comments below if you’re upset that Nier never made to the Vita.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    I loved nier so much I bought both the 360 and ps3 versions. If this comes out i’ll grab it day one

  • Richard Coffman

    You can still play nier on the vita , but only if they put it on playstation now.

  • Stuart Herrington

    They saw we had NEAR and thought, it’d be too confusing for us to have both.

  • Chizu

    Thats a real shame, I really liked Nier. It would be great to have a vita version.

  • I tried Nier on my brother’s PS3 when the game released and to be honest I wasn’t impressed. Though, it’s still a shame that Vita port is pushed onto the side in favor of another project which will most likely not get a Vita port either.