Nippon Ichi Software recently revealed Yomawari (Night Watch when translated), an exclusive horror title for PSVita and teased that the game will ‘Show you things you shouldn’t see’. We now have some official screenshots as well as some details for the game.

The game starts as you take control of a young girl who is happily taking her dog for a walk when suddenly the dog disappears, and she appears home with dog lead. Startled by the dog being missing, the girls sister leaves the house in an attempt to find the lost dog, only to also disappear herself.

When her sister doesn’t return, the protagonist girl leaves the house to discover that the town has changed during the eerie events of the disappearing family members, the town has been shrouded by a veil of darkness and things cannot be seen unless the protagonist shines a torch on them.

The game is no longer being described as so much of a horror experience, but rather a trip into the unknown and the paranormal. Yomawari is set for release in Japan on October 29th.

Check out the screenshots of the game below, and make sure to let us know in the comments if they peak your interest.



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  • Sam Lan

    Looks like boktai mixed with ni no kuni for the ds. I just might get this if it comes to west

  • Dchaundy1

    Man hope this comes West – looks rad

  • Amazing. I am intrigued, and the art is adorable.