Bandai Namco Games has released a new Ray Gigant trailer on their YouTube channel, packed with tons of content from the game.

The trailer shows off characters, enemies, stage settings, gameplay mechanics and animated cutscenes, with music rounding off the list. Watch it below;

Hungry for more Ray Gigant content? We detailed The Three Heroes’ personalities and combat which can be read here, and six minutes of gameplay from Nil’s story arc which can be seen here.

Ray Gigant hits Vitas across Japan on July 30th.

  • Rpgdaddy 89

    every time i see a screen shot of this game on the VL i hope its an NA release announcement. well i followed lost dimension since it got released in japan so, if it can get localized. theres prob a huge chance this will too hopefully by atlus or xseed.

    • Tom van Aken

      NISA has been doing some of the Experience games lately, but it could also be that Bamco is dealing with the localizations itself. Regardless, I do think that this game will come over here. With the improved visuals they might attract a larger (anime)RPG audience, rather than just the DRPG audience.

      IF NISA handles it, I do hope for dual language option (or just Jap only). While it’s not bad enough for me to turn it off in Operation Abyss, I sometimes HAVE to laugh due to awkward voice acting at inappropriate moments…

      • novurdim

        To be honest, I really doubt this one will be localized. It it wasn’t bamco’s game then sure, NISA would pick it up in a flash. But nowadays Bamco is very, well, zealous with their titles on the current consoles and doesn’t allow anyone else to translate them. In turn we barely managed to beat that digimon localization out of them and even that came as digital only with a forced multiplatform. They won’t bother with a vita-exclusive DRPG that can’t even be put on ps4. They don’t care enough to translate even Tales of Innocence after more than decent Hearts sales.

  • Alex Jones

    I’ve been waiting for this…

  • LawlZor

    Game looks excellent. Fingers crossed for NA release. Its doubtful but one can hope…