Details for Summon Night 5’s physical edition have been released, alongside screenshots showing gameplay and character models.

In April, it was announced that PSP RPG Summon Night 5 will be making its way to Vita digitally, and, if at least 6,000 people sign up for Gaijinworks’ interest poll, the game will also be released physically. As of today, just under 4,000 people have signed up for the poll, stating that they are interested in buying a physical copy.

Whether that will come to fruition has yet to be seen, but Gaijinworks has given us information on the physical copy, which includes a sealed PSP copy of Summon Night 5 with a code for the Vita version, a double-sided cover, full-color manual, serial numbered hologram on the back of the game box and two 19″ by 14″ posters — one of which, seems to be random.

The contents of the physical edition can be seen below;

Gaijinworks didn’t stop there with the information bombs, as they also released screenshots of the game which you can find here;

Summon Night 5 will hit western territories this Fall.

  • Lester Paredes

    Wow. A physical psp game? That’s crazy.

  • montie1965

    I would have liked a physical ps vita version of the game.
    But since its a psp game, I’ll still add it on to my want list.

  • Rpgdaddy 89

    why in the hell would they make the physical copy UMD. you might as well release seiken denetsu in NA as a super nintedo cartridge. im sorry but thats trolling if ive ever seen it. its like “you want a physical copy, sure heres a physical copy” hands a game for a legacy handheld……akward pause………..what?

    • Tom van Aken

      It’s why they’re having an interest poll. It’s not for the people that just wanted a game, but for the people that wanted This Particular Game. If they think that’s what the people want (which is what they are measuring through the poll), then that’s what they will do. I can get that.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    Come on people, sign up so we can get the physical copy! It’s a collectors item

  • XtemmA2

    Afford to make PSP UMD copies but not PSVita physical carts. smh

    • Nonscpo

      I think it’s more amazing that there thinking of releasing UMD’s in 2015!!!

  • Raul


    I think that the news stated here is wrong. Gaijin is asking for interested in a physical copy for the PSP, alongside a digital download version that would work on Vita. If you read the link carefully, there is never really talk about a cartridge version for VITA.

    Too bad…

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Oh i signed up then realised this does not refer to a native Vita game. Sorry guys not interested – i thought the PSP version and UMD was a bonus on top of the native Vita cart.

  • Nonscpo

    I wanna help out and put my name on the list, but at 45 bucks plus 5 in shipping, that would be 50 smackaroos at a time when I have a backlog of Vita games 🙁