Have you heard of DiscStorm? We got to grips with it a EGX Razzed earlier this year. Best described to us as a game featuring the classic aesthetic of Bomberman, fast-paced gameplay of Towerfall and draws on the hectic, ever-changing nature of Wario Ware, we will have an interview with the XMPT Games team in issue three of our magazine which explains a little more about the game, but before that we can tell you a little bit about one of the arenas that you will experience within their upcoming Frisbee-throwing party game.

In a post on their website they discuss the challenges and ideas within the Enchanted Forest map.


As it was one of the last areas to be created, the team feel that the art-style and mechanics within the Forest are to a higher standard to some of the other arenas. With two rows of bushes to hide behind, the team hope that it could be handy for getting off a sneaky, crucial shot off in a multiplayer match, rather than using to hide behind for a large period of time. The addition of the hedges is said to allow for a more tactical game offensively or defensively compared to some of the other arenas. Another mechanic within the Enchanted Forest are a set of vines, which can affect the trajectory of your shots, a least temporarily. Jotting the vines will remove them before they grow back!

We are really looking forward to DiscStorm, and can’t wait to find out more from the chaps at XMPT Games. If you like the look of this one, stay tuned to The Vita Lounge and make sure you read our interview with the chaps from XMPT Gant Issue 3!