Last week we brought news that Atelier Sophie would be making it’s way to PlayStation Vita’s in Japan later this year. We now have some solid story details on just what this game is all about.

The sound of the leaves, the birds sing as the sun shines upon the flowers on the street. That’s the kind of atmosphere you find outside of the town, where sunlight filters through the foliage, and the Yin and Yang carpet found on the pathway where the young girl resides.

She’s spirited, but not perfect, a normal girl, but she has a special power that none other from town possesses.

A mysterious power that combines various material to create something completely different—alchemy. However, after continuously failing important mixtures, the book with information on alchemy and the girl without a teacher, were at their limits.

One day, the girl encounters a mysterious book that can talk and move on its own. This encounter with the “knowledge” of alchemy, that is the book, was a small step to a quiet, yet certain, new step.

As well as this, we have some information on the two main characters in the game, Sophie and her partner Prachta, who in an interesting turn of events used to be a book, read their official character synopsis’ below;

Sophie Neuenmuller (CV: Yuuka Aisaka):

Age: 16

Sophie is the protagonist of the title. She’s a young girl who runs an atelier outside of the town Kilhen Bell. She’s a bright and cheerful girl, known for being able to soften the atmosphere around her, but she can also slip up and show her sloppy side at times.

She loves alchemy, and nothing brings her greater pleasure than using it to help those around her. She shows plenty of curiosity and effort when it coems to alchemy, but she’s not exactly the best at keeping her house tidy, so she lets other people handle it instead.

Prachta (CV: Yuka Iguchi):

Prachta is an old book owned by Sophie’s grandmother, and has been kept in the atelier bookshelf. Using a recipe written in the book, Sophie awakens her, and Prachta becomes a teacher figure in the arts of alchemy.

After a certain event, this book takes the form of a human, but she still has the same personality as when she was a book, and continues giving Sophie alchemy advice; however, Practha doesn’t know much else besides alchemy, and gets a little confused while walking around town and seeing all the things that don’t make sense to her.

Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book will release in Japan on September 25, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. Let us know in the comments below if the new information has got you excited.


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    Both voice actors have similar names.