Alongside its first-print campaign which was detailed here, more DLC songs for Taiko Drum Master: V Version have been announced.

Among the first is “Daydream Cafe” from Is the Order a Rabbit?, which releases the same date Taiko launches, on July 9th. In August, “Rising Hope” from The Irregular at Magic High School will be the anime song of the month, while “Music Revolver” from MusicGunGun! 2 is the video game song.

Also on July 9th, you’ll be able to purchase a song bundle called “Popular Track Pack 1” for 500 yen which includes “Daydream Cafe,” “Ai Uta” from GreeeeN, “Attakaindarakara♪” by Kumamushi, a medley track from Vita game Chain Chronicle V and new costumes.

“Popular Track Pack 2” will also be available at launch, and features a track by popular Japanese band Maximum the Hormone, a song from anime Genesis of Aquarion, an Ultraman X song and a medley from the Sengoku Basara series. This bundle includes songs of higher difficulty.

Bandai Namco Games also announced a collaboration between Taiko Drum Master: V Version for its release, and Chain Chronicle V for its first-year anniversary.

Chain Chronicle V songs and costumes will be added to Taiko. Chain Chronicle V will receive Taiko’s mascots in return.