Battling monsters, getting loot and exploring dungeons are all part of a days work.

After several trailer reveals, we now have details regarding how to be a successful adventurer in the upcoming Dungeon Crawler Ray Gigant.

So lets begin with the dungeons themselves, which are named ‘Megalo Sites‘ in the game. Of course these dungeons are crawling with the ‘Gigant Monsters‘ who you will have to battle, but will also include puzzles to solve, resources to acquire and bosses to battle.


Be warned, in Ray Gigant you will be unable to view the whole map at one time. However, to encourage players to be more strategic with their play style, Gigants and Resources positions will be clearly indicated from the beginning. This allows players to look for short cuts, potentially avoid much stronger enemies as well as discovering which treasure if worth going for.


Knowing what your up against whilst exploring each ‘Megalo Site‘ gives you an advantage and is a key feature in the game. But sometimes you will have no choice but to fight a monster who is not your own size.

Luckily you can easily differentiate between stronger and weaker enemies, thanks to the coloured skull system. Blue indicates weak monsters, yellow highlights a tough fight and red means you’re in for a brutal battle. Another interesting design choice in game is that you can decide whether to battle a weak monster or stronger one at certain points.


Ray Gigant will release on July 30th in Japan for PS Vita, and we await details of a western release.