Helldivers is at it once again. The game that has you saving Super-Earth from the alien menace has yet another update that brings loads of new features as well as bug fixes. And once again, with the new update, the game has received a new name. Helldivers: Turning Up the Heat is now Helldivers: Masters of the Galaxy following the 3.0 update. 

The new game expansion is free and available right now. The biggest change is the addition of new enemy Masters, who are the baddest of the bad that the alien hoards will throw at you. Only truly skilled Helldivers armed to the teeth will be able to take down these new giants.

Along with the free expansion, there is also a number of new DLC packs available for sale featuring new weapons and uniforms.

The full list of changes is as follows:


  • A new threat to the security of Super Earth has emerged! Enemy Master units have been located and can now be attacked in each region. Before you can begin your assault you need to gather influence in the region and be at least Rank 12. Once you have gathered enough influence and started the assault, you have three hours to defeat the enemy Master before the opportunity is lost.
  • Added a new control method for Tracked Vehicles. More info can be found in the Encyclopedia.


  • Fixed a crash with cloud saves.
  • Fixed an issue with unkillable Illuminate units.


  • Changed how the low death count works. Your team can now die as many times as the difficulty of the mission and still receive the low death bonus.


All this content doesn’t come easy and the download for the update is quite sizable. The 3.0 update is as big a behemoth as the enemy Masters you’ll be fighting and comes in as a 1.8 gb download. So get downloading and get out there to spread liberty and democracy across the galaxy!

  • Hazey

    It’s s brilliant team game that I feel is underrated.

    • Ali Johnson

      Its just too repetitive

      • ruefrak

        Yep. Repetitively AWESOME!!! Bring on the alien scum and let’s spread democracy and liberty across the galaxy!

        • Ali Johnson

          Ok send me a friend request and we will spread democracy togather id ABORGO6000

      • Hazey

        Agree, it could do with some different objectives to the missions but the game fits perfect to vita. Doing hard missions on multiplayer really makes you feel like you’ve all helped each other and you have to work together.

  • Lester Paredes

    Democracy, HO!