NIS has revealed in this week’s Famitsu that Japanese mobile game Hero Death will be getting a Vita remake next year.

Hero Death will release on PlayStation Vita in Japan on February 25th and will cost 5,980 yen at retail and 4,762 yen digitally.

The RPG remake was originally released in 2007 and features a hero that defeats the last boss, a demon lord, but dies at the same time. However, he’s given five days to live by God, where the story takes off. The hero grows progressively weaker and, depending on the player’s actions, different characters will show up to his funeral at the game’s end.

The remake will feature some new additions to the RPG. They will include new scenarios with every heroine — including two new heroines —  a music arrangement with new music by Kenji Ito, and a voiced main character. Along with the hero and demon lord, the game will feature Princess Flora and Yuria the Angel as characters.

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