Bandai Namco and Experience‘s upcoming PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler Ray Gigant will see you taking on giant monsters that are hellbent on destroying the world.

You will be able to fight these monsters and will take them on using powerful attacks and some epic transformations.

The battle system in Ray Gigant will allow for you to use up to five commands per turn. If, however, you decide to use SP points to utilise the game’s SBM (Slash Beat Mode) then you will be given the chance to multiply the commands you can use per turn by several dozens – meaning that you will be able to deal a massive amount of damage to the enemy that you are facing.

Once you activate the SBM you will notice that Ray Gigant‘s interface will completely change, with you now having to input commands in a way that is more familiar in rhythm games. If you manage to hit all the notes right you can perform over 100 hits with the Slash Beat Mode!

There is also another function of this SBM, with the game’s three protagonists having the ability to unleash a special transformation that is called Apotheosis. This transformation is done via the SBM and will see the characters enter a ‘god mode’ that drastically alters their appearance and behaviour.

Once this power is activated the protagonists lose their human abilities (such as reasoning) and become one with the Yorigami – unleashing a powerful force that allows them to continuously pull of many super attacks!

Ray Gigant is set to release in Japan on July 30th, with no news yet on a Western release.

If you are interested in seeing the three protagonists in their Apotheosis forms then check out the images below and let us know in the comments whether you would like to see Ray Gigant make an appearance in the West!

Ichiya Amakaze;


Kyle Griffin;


Nil Phineus;



  • Nonscpo

    Seems mildly dark, hope it does well in it’s home market.

  • Lester Paredes

    That’s pretty cool.