In the Land of No Night (Yoru no Nai Kuni), protagonist Arnath can bust out different weapons by using her own blood or use the blood of her enemies to transform into different modes.

Here we get to take a look at some of the transformations and weapons that Arnath will be able to utilise when the game releases later this summer in Japan.

The Dagger weapon that Arnath wields allows you to pull of quick attacks that can combine to produce multiple hits – leaving little room for your opponent to counter. This Dagger also provides your subordinate demons (known as ‘Servans’) with an ability called ‘Bleed Hit’ which leaves a bleeding effect on the target.

There is also a Long Sword that will offer you range and reach. This sword can suck the blood of the enemies that you defeat, which will add to your overall power. The more blood that you suck with this weapon will directly increase the power of your attacks.

You can put these weapons to use in the game’s Arena, which will be found at the Ende Hotel. This arena is where you will go to participate in battles that will have certain criteria that you must achieve to emerge victorious. These requirements can range from being limited to certain moves or having a time limit in which you must attain your goal. These Arena battles are a great way to earn special rewards – some of which are unique to this area!

Transformations in Land of No Night can be performed by chaining attacks together and building up Arnath’s ‘Transformation Gauge’. Once this bar is full you will be able to transform and obtain powers from the Servans. The transformations in the game, like the Rabbit Form you can see in the screens on this post, will vary depending on which Servans you have in your party.

The image that you can see below gives an idea as to what kind of transformation you will get depending on the Servans that are part of your lineup. The markers that you can see on the bottom of the image are what determines the transformation.



The aforementioned Rabbit Form is a close-range hand-to-hand combat specialist, providing Arnath with an edge due to its speed and light body that allows her to take out groups of the game’s Jayou monsters with ease.

If you want to ensure that you get the first hit in battle then the Rabbit Form is definitely the go-to transformation. You will be able to run circles around enemies with this form and, if that is not enough, your Servans will receive a mobility boost too! The Rabbit Form has an array of flashy beast-like moves that are unique to this transformation.

There is also a ‘Demon Form’ which will grant you the power of fire. This form will allow for you to attack enemies from both close and long range, whilst the width of the Demon Form’s attack is easily its best characteristic as it provides extremely useful when you are surrounded by enemies!

Land of No Night is set to release in Japan on August 27th, so be sure to keep an eye on The Vita Lounge to get all the news on this game between now and its release!

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