A NicheGamer translation of an interview with Punch Line‘s producer and scenario writer, plus the launching of the game’s teaser site and the latest issue of Famitsu have all led to new information on the ecchi title.

Originally announced for PlayStation Vita release in Japan just over a week ago, we’re now back with loads of new details on this “see panties, destroy the world” themed, anime-inspired title – including some story insight, the identities and descriptions of the main characters, gameplay features, and much more.

Starting off lets have a look at the story, which is much more complicated than just “see panties, destroy the world” – and actually makes for what could be a very interesting game. The bottom line of it is this; character Yuuta Iridatsu has a special ability that breaks the limit on human power and ups the ante with spirit power when he sees a girl’s panties. The only problem; if he sees too many sexual things he’ll actually break the limit of his spirit power as well, and as a result he won’t be able to prevent an asteroid from hitting Earth on New Year’s Eve.

Yes, you heard me right – you (as Yuuta) will be tasked with saving the world from an asteroid by not looking at panties. But wait, ’cause that’s not the whole story.

As the game (and anime) start out, you actually break that spirit power by accident (which causes you to learn about it from a chatty feline friend you meet soon after) and you start the game as a spirit that can only interact in a limited fashion with his surroundings. To get back to your body and make a real difference you must search out the Nandala Gandala – a sacred book which can help Yuuta save the world. It all makes for a very entertaining story – and likely a very entertaining game as well.

Part of what makes the story awesome however is the cast of characters involved, which we’ve got information on as well (via NicheGamer, Famitsu);

  • Daihatsu Meika – A genius inventor. She loves her grandfather. Voiced by Kugumiya Rie. Works as the landlady for Korai Apartments. Lives in room 201. Considerably good at computer hacking.
  • Chichibu Rabura – A spiritualist who looks like a gyaru. Voiced by Tomatsu Haruka. The inhabitant of room 202. Even though she was born into a long family of itako and works as a spiritualist, she does not believe in the existence of spirits.
  • Hikiotani Ito – A shut-in who plays online games. Voiced by Kotobuki Minako. Lives in room 102. She’s registered for an elite private girls’ school, but at the moment is not attending classes, focusing all her attention on online games instead.
  • Narugino Mikatan – Voiced by Amamiya Sora. The inhabitant of room 101. She’s one of the members of the idol group Seas May. She is currently acting as a hero and fighting for justice.
  • Chira Nosuke – A strange cat which follows Yuuta. Voiced by Yoshida Yuri. The inhabitant of room 203. It is the same kind of spiritual existence as Yuuta. He gives advice both to Yuuta and to players of the game. Yuuta sneaks into the heroine’s rooms to look for the Sacred Book. He observes their daily lives and can cause pranks based on key features of the rooms. Pulling a prank increases his Spiritual Energy Level. Once that hits a certain point, Chira will give you some instructions to follow. Do what he commands and you can advance the story.

Sounds like a pretty interesting bunch, hmm? Their descriptions don’t do them justice however – and if you’ve seen the anime you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 😉 Moving on, we’ve also got some new information regarding the gameplay systems that have been integrated into Punch Line, including the Butama Gauge and the Boppatsu Gauge.

  • The Butama Gauge (bottom left) is related to Yuuta’s spiritual power levels; if you happen to succeed in pulling a prank, you’ll be able to pull out the spirits of the surprised heroines. Collect enough of these spirits and you’ll boost your spirit power, allowing you to interact more easily with the physical world.
  • The Boppatsu Gauge (right side of the second image) keeps track of how much spirit power you’ve gotten from viewing lewd things, and if it fills too much you’ll break your spirit limit and let the world be destroyed. You’re more likely to see something sexual that will fill this gauge if you’ve messed up a prank, so be careful!

Those sound like some pretty important gauges, but that’s not all the game is about. The interview NicheGamer translated regarding the game sheds even more light on the title thanks to Punch Line’s producer and scenario writer, Kazuhiro Ichikawa and Kotaro Uchikoshi.

Here’s a few of the more interesting excerpts from the translation;

Q: This game is marketed as an adventure game. Can you tell us about what adventure games are?

Ichikawa: This isn’t a simple adventure game. It has many puzzle elements. We’ll carefully think about what genre it fits into and will release that information later.

Q: What happens after you pull a prank?

Uchikoshi: In that part, Chira gives you a command, beginning a chain of pranks. There’s an education show called –Gora Switch. Much like the devices used on that show, when you begin one prank, the opportunity to chain into another begins, and you can carry out the command. In fact, when you carry out a command, it calls it the “Mitazura Part” (TL note: a portmanteau of mitasu – to fill or fulfill and itazura – a prank). Figuring out what to do will require you to think, so it reminds one of puzzle games.

Q: I understand that the story’s pacing is the same as the anime’s, but are there original developments in the game?

Uchikoshi: For things that weren’t represented or remained mysterious in the anime, see the game. Playing the game will answer questions that you may have. One particularly important thing is that the ending is different.

Q: Can you go to any of the rooms in the apartment building?

Ichikawa: We want that to be the case.

Other information that was gleaned from the interview includes the fact that the musical composer and other cast members from the anime will be making the jump to the game (alongside the full set of main character voice actors) and the fact that game will contain almost double the episodic content of the anime (they note “the game adds in about 10 episodes’ worth of content”).

Punch Line is due out in Japan sometime this Winter, and you can check out the game’s teaser website (in Japanese) here if you’re interested.

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