A new trailer for Spike Chunsoft‘s upcoming Mystery Dungeon spinoff game Mystery Chronicle: I Won’t Look Back Until I Win has given us a glimpse at the game’s latest look as well as details on a collaboration that will feature.

Mystery Chronicle’s story takes place in a world that has no name, which prompted the kings of all the nations from around the world to attempt to take over the world and claim it for themselves. In the end it was King Conlas who emerged victorious and his kingdom won this name-less world.

Although the kingdom of Conlas was able to bring a certain order to the world, things were not peaceful for long as a certain incident occurred where a messenger of evil brought shock and trouble to the invincible King. The messenger carried a light of despair that continues to spread across the world, swallowing all forms of life.

With this light of despair on the verge of reaching King Conlas and his child, something must be done to stop it. The only way that this can happen is if the Fallen Angel Alma can be defeated, with the King’s son the only person who can stop her (with a little help from some friends).

The game will start when you have decided on a name for the world that King Conlas has won, and this name will also decide the structure of the world. Your world can be shared with others by having them enter the same name but the only way to emerge victorious in the game is to escape from the light of despair in a forced side-scroller RPG fashion.

Mystery Chronicle: I Won’t Look Back Until I Win will feature over 20 classes to play as – each with their own play-styles. There will be a variety of items to collect, traps to avoid, monsters to fight and friends to be made in the game – with an online versus mode where you will be able to take on other players.

The game also allows for information to be shared via Twitter, and new content will be arriving for the game via DLC. One of the upcoming DLC packs has already been announced and will feature a collaboration between Shiren the Wanderer and Danganronpa – with new classes from the titles being introduced to the game.

If any characters are experts at battling despair then surely it is those from the Danganronpa series!

Set to release in Japan on July 30th, keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for more info on Mystery Chronicle: I Won’t Look Back Until I Win as soon as it is made available.