Dengeki PlayStation recently revealed a few new characters that will be joining the support cast in the upcoming Tokyo Xanadu – including a homeroom teacher who is the cousin of main character Kou Tokisaka.

Towa Kokonoe (voiced by Ai Nonoka) is the 23 year-old cousin of Kou and is a homeroom teacher who is new to Morimiya High School. Towa is in charge of the second year pupils that attend the school as well as being a committe advisor and a grade chief counselor. Towa is also the head of mathematics and data processing at the school. During her free time she likes to help her grandfather out as a shrine maiden at the Kokonoe Shrine whilst also teaching Kokonoe-style jujitsu at a dojo. Towa calls her cousin Kou-kun but ensures that whilst in school she calls him Tokisawa-kun (although she is known to occasionally slip up and make fun of him). Towa is always looking out for Kou and does worry about him and the part-time work that he does.

One thing that is interesting about Towa Kokonoe is that she apparently to shares the same face as Towa Herschel (pictured below) from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. However, as these two games take place in two separate worlds there can be no way that these two are connected.


As well as being introduced to Towa, Dengeki PlayStation also introduced us to two more characters.

First up we has Sousuke Kokonoe (voiced by Takayuki Sugo) who is 70 years-old and is Towa’s grandfather. Sousuke is the priest of the Kokonoe shrine and although he has a strict air about him he is actually quite calm and playful. Sousuke is also the head of the Kokonoe-style jujitsu and taught this to Kou until he entered high school. It is said that the Kokonoe style has intermingled with the Ikushima style since ancient times – with Sora Ikushima training in the Kokonoe style in times gone by.

The other character that we meet goes by the name of Goro Saeki (who is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa). Goro is 28 years-old and is a handsome, glasses-wearing English teacher who is popular among the girls that attend Morimiya High School. At first all the male students are jealous of Goro, but they soon learn to trust him due to his unmatched friendliness. Goro Saeki is a mountain climbing enthusiast and like to spend his time off visiting historic sites.

If¬†bringing us details on these new characters wasn’t enough, Dengeki also has information about Tokyo Xanadu‘s ‘Other World Search’ app. This is an app which you will install on the in-game Xiphone. Once the app is launched it will display a percentage indicator in the upper left corner of the screen which will increase as you get nearer to what is known as an ‘Other World Trigger Site’ on the game’s map. Once this percentage indicator reaches its max you will find that a GatePoint indicator appears that will then require for you to press the L trigger to open a gate to the Other World. It has also been announced that when you are in the Other World you will be able to remove Kou from your party if you wish to do so.

Finally, Dengeki PlayStation also explains a little more about Kou’s exclusive parameters which are wisdom, courage and compassion. Here we find out that each of these can be increased to a maximum of five stars. Wisdom will affect the actions that Kou takes during the game’s main events as well as influencing the special items that he receives, courage will affect the results of battles whilst compassion will deepen Kou’s interactions with other characters. It has been revealed that these three parameters will also affect Tokyo Xanadu‘s main story and its final ending.

Set to release in Japan on September 30th, with no news yet of a western release, be sure to keep an eye on TVL for all the Tokyo Xandu news as and when we have it!

  • Lester Paredes

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Looks cool. Hope it comes west.