The official website for Alia’s Carnival on Vita has just gone up, and thanks to this we’ve gained a little bit of information on the upcoming visual novel port.

Alia’s Carnival takes place in an area known as the Sakumo Ward – known for its sakura cherry blossom trees.Β In an attempt to redevelop the ward, the local government have begun an experiment where they get students to participate in the construction of Sakumodai Gakuin – in the name of “a better student life”. Students who put in more effort are rewarded, with the most helpful students getting an extra special privelage.

Protagonst Ren Saijou returns to the Sakumo Ward after being away for a while, transferring back into the school as well. Once again reunited with his shy sister and his childhood friend (who has now grown into a young lady) he attempts to resume a normal life – and fails.

On his first day of school he gets himself into trouble, but also ends up saving a girl. This girl he saves then invites him into the club she belongs to – one that aims to change the school for the better.

Featuring new scenarios, fresh visuals, touch controls, and completely new characters by the original staff, Alia’s Carnival! Sacrament is set to release on October 29th in Japan. It will be available for 6,900 yen (plus tax) in physical form and 5,900 yen (plus tax) for the digital version.

Are you ready to go back to school? πŸ™‚

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    No! I don’t ever wanna go back to that place ever again πŸ™