We get a ton of new details surrounding new characters, Morimiya City, and the “Fragments of Fate” items thanks to this week’s Dengeki PlayStation and Gematsu.

First up we have take a look at character Lem; a greedy and mysterious “girl” (we’re not sure) who calmly wanders the Other World. Seeming human, her actual origins and classification are unknown… but she does appear to glow and exhibit transparent qualities.

Somehow, she escapes the Other World and appears before the main character of Lost: Memoires – Kou. She gives him the chance to manifest his soul device, and subsequently watches him from a (rather short) distance. Her true intentions – with Kou and otherwise – are not clear, however she seems to have knowledge about something called “Xanadu”…

Next up is Tomoaki Mikuriya; a 29 year old narcissist and son of the Mikuriya Group. With the possibility of an executive position at Zodiac (an organization the Mikuriya Group belongs to) he is transferred to Morimiya City, and the idea of him marrying Mitsuki comes into play.

Third we have Morimaru; the official mascot of Morimiya City, a Mitama Udo Farmers Association advisor and a huge SPiKA fan.

While that’s the whole shebang when it comes to newly released character details, that’s not all we’ve learned – as we now have some information and screenshots regarding some of the locations in Tokyo Xanadu;

The Station Square area is a vast, public space connected to Morimiya Station and located in the center of Morimiya City. Being that it’s so central to the city and located so close to a transportation and shopping hub it seems to be filled with people regardless of the time of day or week you look.

The transport facilities gathered in the Station Square area include the Tama Monorail, the bus stop, and the railroad – while shopping areas of interest include big name retailers Star Camera and Orion Library.

Other notable features of the square include a giant arch-shaped monument which acts as a meeting spot, and the well-known symbol at its centre.

Star Camera is a nationwide retailer of electronics and media. They carry items such as CDs, games, and Xiphones from makers like the Hokuto Group and Amano Works.

The Morimiya Shopping District is a community-based shopping area that gives off a traditional feel due to the antique archway that adorns it (among other details).

Here you’ll find a number of small shops linked together to provide all of life’s necessities – including two grocers (one on each side of the main street), a butcher, a hardware and smith shop, a sports supply store and more.

Kou’s friend Ryouta’s family runs the Ibuki Fruits and Vegetables Shop there as well.

Lastly, we’ve got some news regarding the game’s “Fragments of Fate” items – which you obtain through playing the game’s story and exploring the city. These special items will enable you to see character-specific “Kizuna Episodes” which are are available not only to main characters but supporting characters (such as Shiori, Ryouta, or Towa) as well.

These “Kizuna Episodes” also come with a bonus; increasing the soul level of a main character who unlocks and watches them, or awarding rare items and other bonuses if unlocked and viewed by a supporting character.

Tokyo Xanadu is due out in Japan on September 30th, with no news yet on a Western localization.