New details on Square Enix’s upcoming building RPG Dragon Quest Builders have been revealed in this week’s Jump magazine. Details on the story, characters and gameplay were all commented on by series creator Yuji Horii.

In the past, there was a constant struggle between monsters and humans. However, humans had a hero, who they relied upon and was the central figure. He fell into the Dragonlord’s trap, though, and was never heard from again. Without the hero, the humans fell into disarray and were driven from their land as their numbers drastically decreased.

Jump forward and a boy or girl is born into the world of Alefgard and has the special ability items from all things in this world ruled by the Dragonlord. This is the main character and who the player controls. The world would be empty when starting the game, but with the new hero’s ability, you are tasked with building villages, castles and items by collecting materials in the world. This isn’t the only form of gameplay, however. You can also engage monsters in combat!

In Jump, Horii had this to say about his new game:

““Dragon Quest Builders is a completely new block-making RPG where players must recapture and restore the land of Alefgard after it’s destroyed by the Dragonlord. The vast world of Alefgard is expressed through blocks, which players can freely create, destroy, and remodel as if they’re in a sandbox or playing with building blocks. Please try to create an innovative Alefgard!”

Dragon Quest Builders only has a Japanese release date for Winter 2015. For more news on the exciting new building RPG, keep it here at The Vita Lounge.

  • Lester Paredes

    Story sounds trite, but I’d still like to play the game.