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This week’s issue of Famitsu features a four-page spread that gives us a look at Nippon Ichi‘s upcoming JRPG Hero Must Die. (Yussha Shisu).

Zach brought us the first news on the title a few days back and here we get a few more details on the remake of the 2007 mobile title and some screenshots.

Hero Must Die.‘s story sees the titular hero sent back to the world to deal with danger after he sacrifices himself to the Demon King. The only downside is that the hero has had his skills set back to level 1 and has only been given 5 days to live in which to complete his task. During this short schedule you will interact with a number of heroines – which will affect the outcome of the game.


Hero Must Die. is set to release as a PlayStation Vita exclusive in Japan on February 15th, so with such a long time between now and the start of our hero’s short life, be sure to check TVL for all the details you will need on this interesting looking title!

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