A few days ago, we brought news that Crows: Burning Edge would be making its way to the Vita – now, we have a few more details to share.

According to Famitsu, the game will take place at the notorious Suzuran All-Boys High School, where Harumichi Bouya is a recent transfer student.  Harumichi is the kind of person who is devoted to fighting fairly, but it seems the other boys at the school aren’t as gracious. The game will follow the original story of the anime and show the drama that unfolds in it, with the player taking control of Haruchimi.

The game won’t only feature the thugs and delinquents from Suzaran High, however. Groups and gangs from Housen Academy, the Kurotaki Alliance and the Front of Armament will showcase their fighting abilities as well.

Along with these details, Bandai Namco gives us the following screenshots to show the fighting intensity they hope to deliver in Crows: Burning Edge.

Let us know if you’re excited for this fighter in the comments and for more news on the game, keep it tuned to The Vita Lounge.

  • Lester Paredes

    Never heard of it, but if it turns out to be a good, fun game, then I’m sure it’ll make a fan out of me.