Robert Ward of Siliconera recently sat down with Mighty No. 9 Associate Producer Nick Yu to talk about the game’s mechanics and how much it has changed from previous builds.

Below, I highlighted some of the interesting bits from the interview;

  • Main character Beck has had his color scheme changed from blue-gray to whitish-silver because many of the beta testers noted that Beck blended with the background too well.
  • The two composers of Mighty No. 9’s soundtrack are Matsumae and Takashi Tateishi. Legends in their own rights, as they also composed the iconic tracks in Mega Man and Mega Man 2.
  • Every single track has an 8-bit version, which is being done by sound director Ippo Yamada.
  • The PS Vita version of Mighty No. 9 is being done by Netherlands-based studio, Engine Software.
  • The Dash ability was added so that it would encourage the players to get closer to the enemies, as opposed to the stay-back-and-shoot methods of the Mega Man games.
  • Co-op will be played very different mechanically. Call, the female playable character, has a defensive shield, whereas Beck is more of an offensive guy. Players will have to take advantage of this contrast between the two to get the most out of their abilities.
  • The bosses of Mighty No. 9 aren’t actually your enemies, in fact, they’re your allies, brothers and sisters. You all just happen to be in the same tournament.
  • There will be a DLC character named Ray, and she plays differently from both Beck and Call. You’ll be able to play her stage, challenge her and then ultimately play as her.

The entire interview can be read here.

  • Lester Paredes

    Despite the disappointing art direction they went with, I’m still looking forward to this game. Hope it’s fun.