XMPT Games’ handler of business, music and development, Luke Staddon posted a fairly detailed post on the developer’s blog yesterday detailing the process of composing music for video games.The post breaks down a track from the Haunted Mansion level of DiscStorm, XMPT’s upcoming Vita and PC title.

“Whenever I begin writing the soundtrack for a game,” said Staddon. “I start by immersing myself in the sort of music that I want to replicate. My commute to and from work consisted of two and a half hours in a car each day – the perfect time to listen to as much 90′s game music and chiptunes as I could. Every morning, I’d set up a random radio station on Spotify and set it running whilst I drove, making sure never to skip anything. Each time I found a track that fitted with one of the arenas in some way, I’d add it to another playlist.”

The post goes much deeper in explaining how to get from a playlist of songs to a finished one to add to a game’s soundtrack, so it’s an interesting read regardless of whether or not you’re planning on composing a track for a game in the near future.

DiscStorm is set to launch later this year. The port from PC is being handled by Mastertronic. Gameplay is described on The PlayStation Blog as being “All about hurling flying disks that ricochet around the game’s arenas at break-neck speed.” Other features include modes like classic deathmatch and a one-hit-kill mode. Originally the focus was on multiplayer, but XMPT decided it wanted to include a 90’s-esque single-player component as well.