While some games recently have abandoned their Vita versions, others are actively trying to get on the platform. In a recent interview with Power Up Gaming, the creative heads at Eneme Entertainment have said that they are actively trying to get their upcoming dungeon crawler, Eitr, onto the PlayStation Vita.

David Wright, Lead Designer and Gameplay Director for Eitr stated that bringing the game to the Vita had always been part of their plan and hope to make it happen. Currently the game is slated to be coming to the PC and PS4, but hopefully the Vita is not too far behind.

The main reason for a lack of a Vita port at the moment is the lack of manpower. Eneme Entertainment is a two-man operation consisting of David Wright and his partner Tobi Harper. But the team is very fond of the Vita and have stated that it’s a terrific platform for indie games such a theirs. “We’re hoping to bring it to Vita and will be pushing a lot of efforts toward making it happen.”

Eitr tells the story of The Shield Maiden who has her fate upended thanks to the mischievous god Loki. Now she must traverse the nine Norse worlds to bring light back to Yggdrasil and discover the true nature of her fate.

You will battle your way to gain favor with the gods as punishing enemies meet you at every turn. The more enemies you defeat, the more randomly generated loot you can pick up. If Dark Souls was around in the 16-bit era, Eitr is probaly what it would look like.

The game is slated for release sometime in 2016, and fingers crossed that a Vita version is not too far behind.

  • ThePalacePlayer

    Okay, Eneme Entertainment, if you read this, then know you definitely have one buyer, if the game comes to vita. Looks awesome

    • vongruetz .

      Make that two.

      • Dchaundy1

        Make that three. Game looks awesome. Would be right at home on vita.

  • Devin Hudson

    After seeing the game in Devolver Digital’s E3 trailer I was kinda saddened that it wasn’t coming to Vita, so I’m glad that could change. I’m still not getting too excited since it hasn’t been officially announced, but I’ll certainly remain optimistic for now.

  • Lara Croft

    Just don’t get cancelled.

    • José Juan Regalado


  • Lester Paredes

    The pixel art is gorgeous. I’d get it on my Vita.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    I just hope the story is as amazing as the game looks, hope it gets to the Vita in this year.