We have good news for those looking forward to the release of Net High – it’ll be hitting Japan late this November.

For those who don’t know, Net High is a game where players are put into a not too distant future – one in which Japan has become a dystopia and citizens must use a government-mandated social network to succeed in life (and prove they are living a healthy lifestyle). However, it is known that some users abuse the network; making fraudulent portrayals of their real life on it. In the role of the player, your goal is to expose their fraud and humiliate them.

Playing as Oreshi – the man tasked with investigating these cases – the game progresses in two ways; first you must gather information on the social networking site, and then you will engage in “Flame Wars” to expose the truth.

Check it out;

If Net High has you itching to expose frauds be sure to check out our original article for more details.

Net High will be available in Japan on November 26th.