Rise of Mana is quickly approaching it’s Japanese release date and some more information has been revealed in the lead to it’s release date, including some interesting guest appearances.

So if you haven’t guessed yet, Rise of Mana is a part of the Mana series, which contains the classic Sword of Mana, and in order to maintain the series’ roots, the game will feature some new bosses which are actually characters from the JRPG classic.

Randy, Primm and Popoi all appear in a boss battle which will net players a Defender sword as a reward. The characters also appear as SR rank pets which are essentially unlockable support characters that you can buy, these are random upon buying them, so you’ve gotta be lucky to get the one you want!

Check out some screens of the classic characters in action below and stay tuned to The Vita Lounge as we eagerly hope the game comes west!

  • Lester Paredes

    They look adorable.