Never Alone, the game that is part puzzle/platformer and part documentary, has been announced as coming to the PlayStation Vita this Fall.  

The game stars an Alaskan girl named Nuna who befriends an adorable artic fox. Together they must help each other as they traverse the snow and ice of a harsh Alaskan winter. It’s a retelling of an indigenous Alaskan tale about a how a young girl went out to discover the source of an eternal blizzard. Players switch between playing as the girl and the fox to utilize each of their unique abilities in order to solve various environmental puzzles.

Never Alone was also conceived to be a learning tool and as you progress through the game, you unlock various documentary videos which proved to be almost as entertaining as the game itself. These short videos highlight aspects of the Alaskan culture and how the people would hunt and live in order to survive in such a harsh climate.

The game originally launched last Fall on various other platforms but will now be arriving on the Vita. They’re hoping to have it out sometime this Fall, but we’ll have more information on the launch when it becomes available.

Never Alone was also available as a free PS4 game through PlayStation Plus this past April.

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    Sooo i got the ps4 version will i get the vita v for free 😕