Action Mobile have brought their third person zombie shooter, 2013: Infected Warsto the Vita. We all know the Vita could do with a few more shooters, but should they have left it where it was?

The year is 2013 and the world as we know it is dead.  Playing as one of the last surviving humans your aim is to attempt to keep a small group of survivors alive. On your path through the game you will come across several different types of Zombies and be tasked with tackling the various objectives that the game throws your way.

The problem is that these zombies aren’t very well animated and they seem to be a little bit broken when it comes to AI. They also seem to get lost on the map instead of heading straight toward you like you’d expect them to.


The game kits you out with several different weapons ranging from AK-47s and Pump Action Shotguns to both Missile and Grenade Launchers. These projectile launchers aren’t as powerful as you’d expect them to be though, meaning that when you come to use these weapons to take down bigger enemies you will be underwhelmed by the effect that they have.

While I understand that most games in this genre generally offer the same kind of goal, this game manages to keep you locked on the idea of killing several waves of enemies before being able to complete an objective, which mostly consists of “find an area that’s marked out by a blue circle” and then pressing the square button in that area to activate the next objective.

One of the better parts of the 2013: Infected Wars however was the leveling up system. Before starting each mission you can pick a class for your character, who can then be leveled up by using the weapons that are associated with your chosen class. Although this was one of the game’s stronger points, I found that leveling up these classes seemed to do nothing in terms of making the character feel more powerful.


I felt that the game’s cutscenes are forced upon you at silly times as well. To me it seemed like the whole purpose of these cutscenes is to spawn in a new wave of enemies while a voice actor tells you what your next objective is – and this got tiresome and repetitive to hear/watch. Each of these cutscenes lasted around thirty seconds but there was at least five in every level, and I found that instead of helping me understand the game, they were more often intrusive to play.

While I don’t want to spoil too much in case you make the decision to try out the game for yourself, I found that even on the easiest difficulty the final boss of the game was extremely overpowered and near enough killed me instantly no matter what weapon I fired at it. At times I felt like I was being cheated out of completing the game which was highly annoying and took away from my enjoyment of the gameplay.


As for the graphics, they are far from the best graphics I’ve seen on the Vita and you can quite easily tell that this is a port of a mobile title. If you ask me, the graphics have improved just slightly over the iOS version of the game, but they certainly have been bested by many other titles available on the platform.

Another thing that the game is missing that would have possibly made it a little better is a multiplayer mode, which may have made the game actually fun. Even without a multiplayer mode though, some other sort of variety in gameplay would’ve also been a good idea.


One thing that I’ve always felt the Vita needed was a good zombie shooting game; one that really took advantage of the Vita’s hardware and capabilities. Instead of that though, we’ve been exposed to a game that does the exact opposite – providing a broken and dated experience that I would find hard to recommend.

If you’re ever looking for an example of a game that has potential but falls flat on it’s face then I believe that this is without a doubt one of the best examples on the PlayStation Store. UK gamers can pay £4.49 to buy this, and if you ask me, I’d tell you to spend that money on any other similarly priced title on the PlayStation Store – or maybe hold off on this and pick up a game in a sale instead.

Lasting Appeal
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  • Dan Smith

    This was a very basic zombie shooter, but it only cost $5. It came with excellent controls, smooth gameplay, and decent enough graphics. After playing real crap like Z-Run and Alien Shooter ( that cost more money) i would support these guys any day of the week.

    • Ali Johnson

      Thats damn truly right with no argument 😉

  • Anthony Brinklow

    The review should perhaps note that Y cant be inverted.

    • Lester Paredes

      I’m pretty sure they released a patch for that… I think.