Have you been following the development of Nova-111? We have, and we can now reveal that the sci-fi adventure title will be landing on August 25th!

Developed by Funktronic Labs and brought to the PlayStation by the awesome team at Curve Studios, Nova-111 is a turn-based adventure title mixed with a twist of real-time action! In your quest to restore the flow of time you will explore alien worlds and defeat “fiendish alien creatures” – all in the name of science!

Piloting the “Nova” spaceship – which is a harmless research vessel – you will traverse mysterious foreign worlds with a simple mission; fix space-time and locate the 111 brilliant scientists that were lost following the aftermath of the Universe’s Greatest Science Experiment. Which went horribly wrong, creating a vortex mashing real time and turn based universes together!

Nova-111 features include:
◾Innovative Gameplay – Clever mix of turn-based and real-time gameplay
◾Beautifully-Crafted Planets – Each with its own unique enemies, environments and strategies
◾Strategic Combat – Fight smart, brains beats brawn
◾Mind-Warping Puzzles – Designed to melt your brain
◾Cool Abilities – Abilities like the TIME-STOP to bend time to your will
◾Ship Upgrades – Collect upgrades and modules for your ship
◾Dynamic Soundtrack – Music suited to your play style
◾SCIENCE – Because who doesn’t like scientific progress?

We will bring you more news and a review closer to the release. Are you intrigued by Nova-111?

  • Lester Paredes

    That sounds interesting. I’ll keep an eye out for it, then.

  • Luthee

    Looks pretty sweet, I know someone to whom this trailer’s going to appeal even more. (My brother 😉

  • Ali Johnson

    Ehhhhhh good enough for me 😉