Launching on September 3rd in Japan, developers 5pb have revealed the opening cinematic for Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purgeshowing off the games main protagonists, check it out below.

Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge follows on from the first game in the series with events taking place after the ‘World Purge’ chapter. Players will assume the role of Ichika Orimura and will earn Brave Heart Points by talking to female characters in the game, the amount of points that players earn affects the games ending.

With a curious and interesting sounding story it’d be pretty great to see this game be localised, however none of the previous games in the series have been so far, but stay tuned to The Vita Lounge as we’ll be sure to let you know should an announcement be made.

  • AeroQC .

    I’ve watched the series and am fully aware that it’s a Rom-Com with a splash of mecha warfare, but I feel a little disappointed in thinking that this is a straight-up visual novel. Though I’ve never played one before, this genre of games hasn’t had anything that has piqued my interest to want to play one. Maybe if you actually got to spar with your romantic interests and go on special missions with them I would be interested, since that would fit perfectly in with the theme of the series. All-in-all, this game would have been my cup of tea if it had a little more action like in the anime. Yes, there are whole episodes dedicated to lovey-dovey affairs between the characters, but there are just as many action sequences as well. Missing the boat entirely in my opinion.

  • Carlos Hernandez

    I kinda wanna see it come to west. I seen the anime and I wanna if the guy can finally pick a girl so it end. I just wanna know.