A few months ago, we got confirmation that BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma would be launching in North America on July 28th. But as usual with these games, a European release wasn’t even mentioned.

Publisher PQube took to Twitter today to finally announce that Europe will be getting Chrono Phantasma, and it will be launching sometime this year.

There isn’t a set date yet, so in the meantime why not read up on Chrono Phantasma’s features (courtesy of PQube):


  • 28 playable characters, including newcomer Celica A Mercury and fan-favorite Lambda.
  • The full story so far! BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extendfeatures both the original Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift stories.
  • Remix Heart. All-new scenarios dedicated to the girls ofBlazBlue – bringing light hearted comedy and fan service toBlazBlue’s already exhaustive story features.
  • Incredible art and animation! No other fighting game comes close to the sheer spectacle of BlazBlue in motion – as fights play out through thousands of frames of animation and effects.
  • My Room feature brings customisable lobbies for up to 64 players. Play, match-make and spectate from the comfort of your personalised online lobby!
  • Outstanding tutorials. Arc System Works leads the way in creating simple tools that can take a total novice and train them in the dark art of fighting game combos!
  • Over 30 hours of single player gameplay! From Story to Arcade mode, the RPG-lite Abyss Mode and hardcore Unlimited Mars mode. BlazBlue crams in more single player content than any other fighter!

Those in Europe who have been anticipating Chrono Phantasma can finally let go of their breaths, and enjoy the wait.