Are you ready to up your arsenal?

In Assault Android Cactus you play as one of eight female androids, each with their own unique weapon load-out (primary, and secondary). With Mega Weapons however, your chosen android will swap her secondary weapon for an over-the-top version of their primary weapon – giving them a possible advantage (and a new way to play).

For example, Cactus (the title hero) swamps out her flamethrower for the mega assault rifle and is then able to pummel enemies from across the screen. Likewise, Starch swaps her micro missile launcher for a mega laser and is able to disintegrate enemies with a burst of energy.

“Each heroine already boasts her own gameplay style, but Mega Weapons changes it up again, giving our characters a new way to obliterate their robot opponents,” Sanatana Mishra – a designer at Witch Beam – explains; and it sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it?

Check out the video below for a preview of this new ability;

Aside from Mega Weapons, Witch Beam has also revealed that other “ex options” will be available to unlock – including;

  • a first-person camera
  • music and visual filters
  • HUD removal
  • adding A.I. partners (so a single-player can experience four-player local cooperative gameplay)
  • an option to increase the number of adversaries in single player to the same amount of enemies appearing in local co-op

As for how you’ll unlock them, all ex options can be unlocked through gameplay.

Assault Android Cactus is due out sometime this Summer, though the Vita version of the game is now set to hit after the PlayStation 4 and PC versions.

  • Lester Paredes

    This game keeps looking cooler and cooler. Bring it, Witch Beam! I’m buying!

  • PizzaSlapper

    I didn’t know how much I wanted this until now! This looks amazing. Let’s hope the filters and first person cam make it into the Vita version as well.