PlayStation Vita and PS TV customers in Japan can now get their consoles engraved with custom messages.

The new service, which began on July 21, offers new customers the ability to stamp a message onto the backside of the their Vitas or on top of their PS TVs. The examples that Sony has provided show how you can use this service to commemorate special days or to just make the device feel more personal.

The engraving price is 500 yen and will be available in a number of different fonts to include (via Google translate):

  • Bamboo _M (Japanese available)
  • Folk M (Japanese available)
  • Shinsho block letters CBSK1 (Japanese available)
  • Kakumin _R (Japanese available)
  • Shinmarugo _ thick line (Japanese available)
  • Shin Go R (Japanese available)
  • Kasuga Gakuen (Japanese available)
  • Helvetica (Latin only)

So if you’re looking to tell your special someone just how much you care, or if you just want to remind the world that “There can be only one!” you now have the option to say it on a Vita…. assuming you’re in Japan.

For more examples of engraved Vitas, take a look through the photo gallery below.

  • Lester Paredes

    That’s pretty damn dumb. And I must be to, because I want to engrave my name in mine!

    • I want one that says “The Vita Lounge”, so you can’t be that dumb. haha