Chain Chronicle V released on the Vita in July last year; since then, it’s had several collaborations with other games. Recently, it’s been given one with Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC Evolution, and we now have some details on the characters you can play as.

The first character you can play as is Joshua Bright. Joshua has three abilities: Sever, Time Up and Flicker. Sever allows him to deal a greater amount of damage to an enemy if he attacks them several times in a row. Time Up allows the player to begin a battle with two mana straight away and also increases Joshua’s speed. Lastly, Flicker slices through enemies and increases his attack for each hit he takes, while also increasing your allies’ damage by 25%.

chain_c_1Olivert Reise Arnor is a bit stronger than Joshua – as his abilities show. His three abilities are Howling Balletto, Happy Trigger and Saint. Howling Balletto is an ability that hits in a straight line and deals medium damage to those within its range, with those in the epicenter being hit hardest. Happy Trigger heals the party member with the lowest HP by 25%, and Saint increases your parties attack and defense by 15% for a limited time.


Tita Russell may be the weakest offensive character, but has abilities that make up for them, which include Cannon Impulse, Vital Cannon and Smoke Cannon. Cannon Impulse deals light damage in a straight line and those within that range five times. Vital Cannon shows a wave into the sky that heals the party’s HP by 5%. Smoke Cannon, on the other hand, lowers an enemy’s accuracy and increases the damage they receive by 30%.chain_c_4

Agate Crosner’s abilities include Dynast Gale, Buffalo Rage and Spiral Edge. Dynast Gale is an attack that hits an enemy four times – once for 3.5x normal damage, and the other three at normal damage. Buffalo Rage knocks down enemies and interrupt their attack, while slightly raising Agate’s critical hit rate. Lastly, Spiral Edge hits all enemies and deals critical hits to those knocked down.


Kloe Rinz’s abilities are Lichtkreis, Dia and Strum. Lichtkreis heals all allies’ HP and raises their attack by 55%. Dia icreases the amount of HP healed with other abilities by 10%, and Strum targets an enemy’s weak point to deal damage – it will hit between 50 and 110% damage, and could temporarily freeze enemies.


Lastly, we have Estelle Bright. Her abilities include include Morale and Vajra Shot. Morale raises allies’ attack by 3%, and – if there are four or more allies behind her – they resist 10% of all damage taken. On the other hand, if she has more than a single ally in front of her, they recover HP by 2% every second. Vajra Shot increases the likelihood of critical hits, and it increases allies’ attack power by 3% while decreasing damage taken by 2%.


That’s all we’ve got for now regarding the Legend of Heroes universe character cross-overs, but for more news on Chain Chronicle V keep it here at The Vita Lounge.

  • Thulsa

    Is this getting an English release? It’s a really good price for the Japanese import at the moment but I’d hate to buy it and then see the English one released.