PlayEveryWare has announced today that they’re porting the 8-bit adventure game, Elliot Quest, over to the PlayStation Vita (as well as a number of other consoles). The game, which is currently available through Steam or Wii U, is expected to make its handheld debut sometime in 2016.

Heavily inspired by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Elliot Quest follows a cursed character who must find the cure to his mysterious illness before it transforms him into a demon. Elliot can not die, but he is quickly running out of time. Along the way there will be dungeons to explore, bosses to fight, and treasure to collect. This all takes place on a large island full of puzzles and secret areas to unlock.

Another interesting feature is that the game will offer three different and unique endings based on the choices you make throughout the story.

Elliot Quest was created by Ansimuz Games, a one-man studio based in Mexico. It’s founder and sole employee, Luis Zuno, spent two years crafting this Zelda-inspired adventure game. Now with the help of PlayEveryWare, we’ll be able to play it on the Vita… everywhere.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    I hate 2D games

    • chizwoz

      Well you can’t having a good decade then.

    • Ali Johnson

      its a fact the vita failed so people who are looking goodlooking games wont find any here 🙁

  • Dchaundy1

    I think this game looks rad