Just a few weeks after the last update, 4J Studios has unleashed update 1.18 for Minecraft onto the world. And just as always, it is packed with new features, new textures, and plenty of bug fixes.

The three main additions from the latest update focus on the Greek Mythology mash-up content, acacia wood, and dark oak wood. These bring with them a variety of new doors, planks, and fences to make your Minecraft world just a little more unique.

Specifically, the update includes the following additions:

  • Added Greek Mythology Mash-up Pack trial content.
  • Added Acacia Wood, Acacia Planks, Acacia Fence, Acacia Fence Gate, Acacia Door, Acacia Slab and Acacia Stairs to the Creative menu.
  • Added Dark Oak Wood, Dark Oak Planks, Dark Oak Fence, Dark Oak Fence Gate, Dark Oak Door, Dark Oak Slab and Dark Oak Stairs to the Creative menu.

Along with the new additions, there are also a number of fixes as well:

  • Fixed a crash when approaching Villages, Desert Temples and Jungle Temples if the save that was loaded had a partially discovered Village/Temple in it.
  • Fixed an issue with stacking doors.
  • Fixed the Oak Door recipe not giving 3 doors.
  • Fixed an issue with the Set Day button in the Host Options menu.
  • Fixed an issue stopping players removing Leads from Fences.
  • Fixed Minecart with TNT having no igniting animation.
  • Fixed an issue with Mobs being unable to pass through an open Iron Door.
  • Fixed an issue where reaching the maximum spawn limit of villagers prevents spawning baby villagers after some of the villagers die.
  • Fixed doors being destroyed when placing them on an upper Slab.
  • Fixed an issue where players with no privileges could make tamed Wolves stand up.
  • Fixed an issue where players with no privileges could kill Snow Golems.
  • Stopped players being able to destroy Minecarts when ‘Can Build and Mine’ privilege is disabled.
  • Stopped players being able to open Minecart with Chest, Minecart with Hopper, and Saddlebags when ‘Can Open Containers’ privilege is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with Wolves not taking damage properly.

The update is available now, so go download it and get crafting! (a bit cheesy, I know. I couldn’t help myself)

  • The update isn’t showing up for me on the US east coast.

    • vongruetz .

      Strange. I’m US East Coast and it downloaded for me earlier. Others are saying it should now be available everywhere.

  • Hsmioe

    It’s not showing up for me either.

    • Hsmioe

      It showed up now.